More thoughts on microblogging & content flows

Current solution while I figure out what “microblogging” actually means for me in late 2018:

  1. If I write a formal analysis-style post, I’ll do it from (my wordpress home site and blog). I’ve connected WP to MB, via its feed, so all those formal posts will flow through to my microblog.
  2. I’ll use my a/c for informal posts (like this one) and general tech thoughts. I’ve connected MB to WP, so such posts flow to WP. However, they won’t be featured in my WP blog - or indeed show up on the site. They’ll be searchable. Mainly I’m sending my MB content thru to WP as an archive/backup.

Things I’m still pondering: * I’d like to find a way to use MB similar to how I use Twitter; and as part of that, participate in discussions with people like I used to do with blogging back in 03-04-05 era - when people used to comment on each others sites, do trackbacks, and so on. * Do I want to ‘share’ what I’m reading, articles I like, etc as part of my MB microblogging experience? I’m not sure yet, mainly because it may not be of much interest to other people (I have eclectic reading tastes, in both books and articles). * Right now my MB home is, but it’s not integrated with my homepage in terms of design or IA. I know it’s possible to make it so, but not sure yet whether it’s desirable to.

More soon, but that’s a quick braindump on where I’m at with microblogging.

Richard MacManus @ricmac