I've still not given up on pro blogging

My attempt this year was Blocksplain, a blog I started in Jan about tech crypto. I must admit, I even deployed the term “Web 3”. Long story short, it never gained traction with readers - due to a variety of reasons, including that crypto fans weren’t really that interested in the tech. Price and speculation has dominated the crypto/blockchain scene, and much of the discussion around that has happened on Twitter and (ugh) Medium.

I tried teaming up with the founder of Blocktimes in August as their content lead, but that only lasted a month or so.

I’m pretty disillusioned about the topic of crypto now, although I will continue to monitor if/how the tech crypto platform gets worked out. But in terms of my attempt at blogging the ®evolution, without the support of the community it didn’t seem feasible to continue. By which I mean, I was pouring a lot of time into it with little reader interest and no sign of a revenue stream in the foreseeable future.

As always, I’m playing around with another couple of pro blogging ideas and so in 2019 I will launch something new. I’ll explore this topic more in upcoming Micro.blog posts.

Richard MacManus @ricmac