Wordpress Gutenberg, Indie Web & Pro Blogging

Interesting post by @bradenslen about WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg, which I’ve noted many Micro.blog people don’t like. Brad asks, “why not come out with an Indieweb compatible blog engine of our own?” @c had an excellent response to this, basically saying IndieWeb should continue to integrate “into large-scale projects like WordPress, Drupal, etc.”

I agree with Chris, because I think Wordpress is an outstanding open source publishing platform. I’d add that some of us are interested in using IndieWeb tools and/or philosophy in creating what used to be called pro blogs. I’m not sure that term meaningfully exists anymore, but to me I’m very interested in building digital media businesses that go beyond the data lock-in of the Web 2.0 model. I don’t see this pov reflected much in the MB community, right now. Hopefully I can represent it going forward.

Richard MacManus @ricmac