Getting a new pro blog off the ground

Trying to get a new indie blog off the ground these days is bloody hard. Social media has little impact and there just aren’t any communities for pro bloggers these days. When I started ReadWriteWeb back in 2003, there was a community of bloggers and post-DotCom bust entrepreneurs who had an interest in what I was writing about (and vice versa me with their blogs). Of course there wasn’t anywhere near as much noise back then, so it was easier to get attention.

Still, I find it frustrating that tools today like Facebook and Twitter make it so hard to get a message out, when you’re trying to get some traction for something new. Okay there are other tactics for me to try - get a guest post on a currently popular site, for instance. So I’m not saying I’m doomed. There are plenty of things I can do. I’m just saying the current ‘social web’ environment is not very effective when starting a pro blog, unless you pander to “influencers” or court controversy (neither of which I will ever do).

Anyway, I am trying to be patient with this new project (Indie Digital Media). It will take me a while to ramp up the content, let alone the readership, since I only have time for 2 posts per week. #problogging #indieweb

Richard MacManus @ricmac